Packing Tips for Your Road Trip

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  • Dec 4, 2012
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Packing Tips for Your Road Trip
  • ALWAYS ensure passengers are able to use their seat belts and child seats are secure.
  • Use appropriate travel crates for pets.
  • Make sure it’s safe & stress-free!
  • Never use the passenger area for storage - slamming on breaks at 50 kilometres per hour can cause loose items to have a force of up to 50 times their weight.
  • 'Last in, first out' is a good rule of thumb. Pack large, heavy items at the bottom of the boot and keep essential items such as food, drink, nappies, medicine and entertainment close by.
  • Avoid placing objects such as laptops, books and cell phones in places where they could become projectiles during a collision. People are frequently hurt or killed by flying objects.
  • Keep items away from the driver’s seat. Objects can slide under the driver’s seat from the back and are dangerous if caught under the pedals.
  • Don’t pack anything above the line of the back seats - this will obscure your rear view. Use a roof rack or trailer if the car’s boot is fully loaded.
  • Items on the roof should be stored in a securely attached roof box, respecting the weight restrictions of the car.
  • Prepare for the possibility of a puncture when packing. Make sure your spare tire is easy to access should you need it.
  • Check the emergency kit and pack it in last.
  • Adjust your driving style. Driving with a fully loaded vehicle affects the speed and manoeuvrability of the car.