Pet-friendly Travel

A Holiday for the Whole Family!

Find some great places where your pets are welcome!

Great Places to Stay!

In the Countryside

The lovely Saint Du Barrys in Clanwilliam offers comfy rooms, great gardens and beautiful Cederberg hikes. More than your average guest house or B&B, this country lodge is like home, with a reputation for personal attention and friendly folk. Perfect for you and your pet.

Animal lovers want to include their extended canine family in their holiday plans. onRoute points out some great places, from luxurious and exclusive, to rural and rustic, where your pets are welcome!

Beach Vibes

The Mazeppa Bay Hotel on the Wild Coast is right on the beach, nestled in a beautiful setting of palms and tropical plants, so there’s plenty of run around space for pets and great views for their owners.

Mountain Trails

Blue Roan Guest Farm in Magaliesberg offers charming accommodation. Each of the seven self-catering units has its own private garden, character and theme. Pets will love the safe off-leash walking trails on the property and beyond, while owners will lap up the panoramic views of the mountain range.

Farm Style

Old Rearsby Farm in the Natal Midlands is a beautifully appointed Victorian bed and breakfast with breathtaking vistas overlooking Giant’s Castle. It’s private, comfortable and offers lots of space to run and play.

A Little Luxury

Travelling with your pet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga offers garden villas where both you and your pet are treated as guests. The hotel offers a range of pet beds to suit your animal, and several pet menus to cater to his or her preferences.

Did You Know?

A survey conducted in the USA revealed that the majority of pet owners extend their stay when they are allowed to bring their pet along. Instead of spending the money on expensive boarding or kennel facilities, most people prefer to use the money saved to either extend their holiday or select a more expensive accommodation option. Similar findings have been noted in South Africa.

Tips for Travelling with your Pet:

A Microchip

It’s a good idea to implant a microchip in your furry friend before you travel. Pet microchips are barely larger than a grain of rice, and vets implant them regularly into animals via hypodermic needle. Should your pet go missing, the microchip can be easily scanned for identification information and contact details.

ID Tags

One of the most fundamental basics of pet ownership! Make sure that your dog or cat is always wearing a collar with an ID tag.

Pit Stops

It’s important to stop often so your pet can stretch its legs, relieve itself and burn off some excess energy.

Motion Sickness

Don’t feed your pet in a moving vehicle. It’s actually best to feed him or her no less than three to four hours before your trip begins, to minimise motion sickness.

Parking Off

Always park in the shade and never leave an animal unattended in a parked vehicle. On a hot day, the temperature in your car can reach up to 49˚C in minutes (even with the window open).

If You Have to Leave Them Behind:

It’s great to know your pets are being well taken care of while you’re away. Here are a couple of top-rated 5-star doggy hotels that are as good, if not better, than a holiday!

Dogon: For the Pampered Pet

State-of-the-art kennels where each ‘chalet’ has both an in and outdoor section, with the option of private gardens and indoor heating. Guest pets are offered professional care and fed premium pet foods. They are also groomed at the end of their stay, plus a delivery service is provided at an extra cost. Prices range from R70 – R140 a day depending on the size and breed of your pet.

Must Love Dogs: Luxury Dog Emporium

A luxurious upmarket boutique hotel that caters to those ‘babies’ usually allowed on the couch and your bed. With names like ‘The Princess’ and ‘The Manhattan’, the interior of each ‘suite’ is themed and categorised into petite, premium and penthouse. They include luxurious soft bedding, pillows and one even has a TV – just like home! Prices range from R250 – R370 per night.