Play happy with Shopkins Happy Places

Live happily in Happyville

The Shopkins Happy Places are a line of special Petkins designed specifically as dollhouse furniture, and specifically for the new Lil’ Shoppies dolls that are a part of the line. What’s more, they all live happily in Happyville.

Everything in the Shopkins Happy Places range is miniature cute and centred on tiny furniture and home accessories. Since they first arrived on toy shelves Shopkins have been a huge hit, and this year it is predicted that Shopkins Happy Places will be on every girl’s Festive Season wish list.

“Shopkins is a wonderful range of toys for girls, especially those aged five and over. Shopkins are fun to collect, fun to play with and now with the introduction of Shopkins Happy Places, there is a whole new universe to discover,” explains Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys.

Seasoned Shopkins collectors can bring out their inner decorator and turn their Shopkins house into a larger Happy Home

Below is a list of what fans can expect from Shopkins Happy Places:

Happy Places Welcome Pack

The Happy Places Welcome Pack is the perfect introduction to the Happy Places range. Inside the Welcome Pack is everything you need to play and decorate including one themed Lil’ Shoppie doll, two medium petkins, six small Petkins, four mini Petkins and a collectors Guide.

Happy Places Happy House

The Happy Places Happy House is the perfect toy for the happy decorator! It’s the Lil’ Shoppies house that’s alive with fun. Decorate and display your rooms with cute Petkins furniture. The Happy Home playset forms the base of the Happy Places rooms from which you can start to extend your Happy Places home. The Happy Home playset comes with a Popette Lil’ Shoppie, one large Petkin and two of each mini, small and medium Petkins.

Happy Places Extension playsets

Seasoned Shopkins collectors can bring out their inner decorator and turn their Shopkins house into a larger Happy Home with the Happy Places Extension playsets.

Laundry and Game Studio Playset

Start your home extensions with the Laundry and Game Studio. Simply attach your Laundry and Games studio to your Happy Home set for the coolest pad in Happyville. Included in the Laundry and Game Studio playset are two large Petkins, two medium Petkins, six small Petkins and four mini Petkins.

Shopkins Pool and Sundeck playset

It wouldn’t be a Happy Place without a Shopkins Pool and Sundeck playset. Where else would you host the coolest pool parties? With just a few snaps the Pool and Sundeck playset also attaches to the Happy Home set. The Pool and Sundeck includes two large and two medium Petkins, six small Petkins and four mini petkins. Place all the Petkins you’ve collected in each one of the rooms and create a home that is alive with fun.

Party Studio Playset

The fun doesn’t end there, there are plenty more playsets to collect in the Happy Places range of toys. Once your house is all decorated why not throw a house warming party and invite your Lil’ Shoppie friends to the Shopkins Party Studio. The Party Studio has everything you need to host the best party in Happyville; three large petkins, three medium petkins, three small and three mini petkins. Of course the Party Studio also connects to the Happy Home.

Shopkins dolls

There are many accessories to go with any playset you choose such as the Shopkins doll who can live inside the wonderfully Happy Home and the Happy Places Shopkins pack of two dolls for a home filled with friends.  Either way the fun never ends with Happy Places.  

Decorator Pack

The Happy Places range also includes a Decorator pack that includes several Petkins. Each pack is themed to a room, such as the Puppy Parlour Petkins pack that comes with a Lil’ Shoppie. Other themes in the Happy Places Decorator packs include Kitty Kitchen, Dreamy Bear, Bathing Bunny, Slumber Bear Party, Bunny Laundry, Mousy Hangout, and plenty more. 

With the Shopkins Happy Places range of toys, there is so much more to collect for the Shopkins fan. All sets include their own miniature Petkins and other accessories to go with whichever Happy Place you choose. Doll house play just got better because interior décor has never been cuter.

Ideal for ages five years and over. Available at all toy stores and retailers countrywide. For more information, visit or go to