Pre-holiday Prep!

Our top safety checks to make sure you have a worry free holiday

  • by onRoute
  • Mar 28, 2017
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High Five Safety Checks

    Easter holidays are here at last! But while you get ready to sit back and relax, your vehicle has a lot to cope with. The greater load, high speeds, and long downhill stretches are a source of immense strain on your vehicle. To make sure your car gets you safely to your destination it’s well worth giving some thought to our TOP TEN SAFETY CHECKS...
  1.  Tyre inflation pressure should be adjusted to the next highest total vehicle weight for safer driving, to reduce fuel consumption and tire wear.
  2. Don’t load the vehicle beyond the limits specified in the vehicle documents.
  3. Check the condition of the jack, tool kit, and first aid kit and replace if necessary.
  4. Check the levels of windshield washer fluid and antifreeze.
  5. Check the oil level and top off if necessary.

Five Great Tips on How to Best Pack Your Car

Have you any idea how much force can develop inside a vehicle on full braking or in an accident? Objects flying around, as a result, are often the cause of serious injuries to passengers. Avoid these situations by following these tips on packing your car:

  1.  Heavy objects should be stowed right at the bottom of the trunk directly behind the backseat.
  2. Never pile up luggage to above the height of the backrests in vans.
  3. Try not to leave any gaps and pack individual items of luggage as closely together as possible.
  4. Fix the load in position with straps or use non-slip mats.
  5. Make sure the driver's vision isn’t obstructed in any direction.