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  • Jun 4, 2012
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When you look at the road accident stats, you cant help but feel that we are losing the battle. According to the Department of Transport more than 14,000 people die on the roads every year, at least 1000 people every month and 40 people die everyday!

But in May 2011, The United Nations officially declared war, on a global scale, on road crashes and fatalities with their Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 campaign. South Africa, along with 99 other countries joined the initiative.

Minister of Tourism Sibusiso Ndebele said: “We need to stand up together, with the private sector, the education and justice fraternity, the religious sector, civil society and everyone, to firmly declare that road deaths can be stopped and prevented. If we commit ourselves whole-heartedly, I am confident that we will win this war against road carnage.”

The overall impact of the I-Pledge campaign has already played a significant role in enhancing road safety on the N3 Toll Route during the past holiday season.

Friends of the Decade of Action for Road Safety are companies that have pledged to be responsible road users and obey all traffic rules. On Route partners Imperial I-Pledge and the N3 Toll Concession have joined forces to make a difference.

Imperial has launched a road safety campaign called I Pledge, which encourages all road users to make a personal commitment to change their behaviour because they believe there is a strong human behavioural component attached to road users.

The N3TC has also ‘put its hand up’ for road safety in support of the initiative where all N3TC staff, contractors and service providers have signed the N3TC Decade of Action for Road Safety Pledge which is an active and personal commitment to driving and using roads safely in attempt to lead from the front.

The overall impact of the I-Pledge campaign and the commitment of N3TC has already played a significant role in enhancing road safety on the N3 Toll Route during the past holiday seasons:

Contributing factors to the improvement, include:

  • Improved visibility and law enforcement.
  • Improved response times to accidents and incidents.
  • The continued and excellent core work of law enforcement authorities and emergency medical personnel along the N3 Toll Route.
  • A well executed Incident Management System (IMS) under the auspices of N3TC.
  • The role of additional partners such as BMW Road Service.
  • Prompt removal of obstructions from the Route.
  • Increased awareness and a vast majority of motorists who clearly acknowledged the importance of safe driving particularly in heavy traffic volumes
  • Some 31,500 people have taken the I-Pledge to date.
  • N3TC and I-Pledge distributed 100,000 road safety awareness brochures and I-Pledge stickers to motorists at the Wilge Toll Plaza on the N3 Toll Route.

You Too can do your part to make a difference. Take one pledge, take all of them or even write your own personal pledge by visiting

You can also keep up to date on the campaign by following @IPledgeZA on Twitter or joining the Facebook page.