Road Safety for kids

Do Good - Feel Good

Active Education in conjunction with Imperial Road Safety has developed the Safe Scholars Programme to ensure that children are educated in road safety awareness, in order to have a generation of responsible pedestrians and, in the future, drivers. They come and visit your school with a fun and interactive roadshow where all pupils are included and introduced to various aspects of road safety.

Bongie the Bush Baby is one of the Buckle Up Buddies, Imperial’s Road Safety ambassadors, who teach kids about the importance of road safety in a fun way.

One of the major issues is visibility of learners on the road and with the programme comes the opportunity to sponsor reflective sashes which are worn by students. This initiative allows local as well as national businesses to touch and save lives. The Safe Scholars Programme has reached 1.3 million learners and 1 455 schools to date!

The Safe Scholars Programme has reached 1.3 million learners and 1 455 schools to date!

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