Road Safety

Tyre Safety Tips For your Next Road Trip

Tip 1: Check Pressure

Most cars’ air pressure numbers are listed in the petrol cap and pressure should be checked at least once a month. Be sure to use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure and not the maximum pressure indicated on the tyres. That number represents the absolute max pressure a given tyre can hold, not what it should be rolling on day in and day out.

Tip 2: Rotate Tyres

5 important tyre safety tips that could prove VERY beneficial...

It is suggested that you rotate your tyres every 10,000 kilometres. Every tyre will wear differently. On front-wheel-drive cars, the front wheels wear at almost twice the rate of the rear wheels. In left-hand-drive countries like South Africa, the left tyre will wear faster than the right.

Tip 3: Examine Treads 

Make sure there is enough tread on your tyres to give them grip in all weather conditions. Tread helps push water through the tyres, keep you on the tarmac and gives you more grip when breaking, especially extreme breaking.

Tip 4: Align Wheels

Aligning your wheels will not only keep you driving straight, but will also insure that your tyres do not wear unnecessarily. The problem with tyres not being properly aligned is that they can often wear on the inside, so it may not be known to you that you have no tread on the inside, which is extremely dangerous when the surface under the tyre is not dry or solid.

Tip 5: Keep the Deepest Treads at the Back

Deeper tread grips the road and channels water better, making the rear of the car less likely to hydroplane and fishtail. Although logic may suggest you keep the better tyres at the front, as you steer with the front, the car is easier to control with better grip from behind.

What to Do with Your Old Tyres?

There are enough wasted tyres in South Africa to stretch from Cape Town to Cairo 60 times!

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