Roland’s Cave Hike

The most dramatic sunrise in Southern Africa

One of the lesser known and more challenging hikes of the Drakensberg range is up to Roland’s Cave, where you must spend the night at least once in your life! Those who have embarked on this wonderful adventure keep coming back. The time it takes you to get there depends entirely on you and your fitness level – but for a relaxed and easy hike, give yourself four days to get up and down. The last few metres of the hike are the most challenging, where you have to walk along a narrow one-metre-wide ledge with a 100 metre vertical drop to your left. However, it’s worth every step once you reach the cave.

You will find the sleeping area perfectly level, with good headroom and lots of nooks and crannies in the walls and roof for storing food and equipment. It sleeps five comfortably and eight at its capacity. This remarkable experience in nature’s arms is something quite unique, but the real treat is waking up the next morning to witness the most astonishing sunrise – being above the clouds makes this one of the most dramatic sunrises in all of southern Africa. Another highlight of the hike is the 12 kilometre walk back, which dishes out the most extraordinary views over the Drakensberg.

Northern Drakensberg is a remarkable experience.