Runners Take Back the Road with iLiveSafe

Stay safe out there!

  • by onRoute
  • Jan 19, 2016
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Setting out in the brisk early morning air for a quick five kilometres is the highlight of any runner’s day but the fact is that runners are vulnerable on the road. There’s the possibility of being injured by a passing vehicle or a potential attacker! This fact has unfortunately sent many runners indoors to train on treadmills. Luckily, iLiveSafe provides a product that’s helping runners take back roads across the country.

A leader in complete identification, safety and rapid response, iLiveSafe is set to become a vital and handy running accessory. The innocent and subtle bracelet around your wrist will keep you safe and allow you to get in touch with those who will send help. Runners will now have a means of personal identification and access to immediate emergency services. The iLiveSafe call centre is staffed 24/7 with dedicated and highly trained operatives who have access to emergency responders across the country, to ensure timely and efficient response reaches you in an emergency situation. 

Renowned local runner and 2016 Olympic hopeful, Mapaseka Makhanya says that wearing her wristband has changed her outlook when stepping out the door for a run. “Even though I consider myself a very positive athlete with a positive attitude, I’m also a realist,” says Mapaseka.