Silent Hill Downpour and HD Collection

Game Guru Rating: 85%

SIlent Hill Downpour HD Collection

Silent Hill is, and always has been, the most terrifying series of games ever produced and Downpour, the latest in the series, meets all terrifying expectations! The storyline is intensely gripping, although somewhat familiar, but still brings you back to the harrowing town of Silent Hill. In this instalment you play a criminal named Murphy Pendleton who is involved in a prisoner transportation crash just outside the eerie town and what ensues is a frantic trip through a haunted world filled with dark corners and unknown paths. The storyline is fantastic, supported by a harrowing sound track and many elements of surprise that makes the developers of this franchise top of their game (literally).

If you are playing this game for the first we recommend you get Silent Hill’s HD Collection. It will give you the shocking introduction you need to play the series and even if you have played the game before, the HD Collection will help you rediscover why you loved this game so much.