Spec Ops: The Line

Game Guru Rating: 76%

Spec Ops

The morality of war is put to question in this third person shooter. Would you shoot someone to protect yourself, even if it’s not the person you are there to shoot? Based in the now dusty city of Dubai, your mission is simple, rescue an American Commander who went to Dubai against orders. You have to battle your way through the city to find Colonel Konrad, but on your rescue mission, you have to shoot and kill people you are not at war with, who you are not there to harm, but who are out to kill you to protect their home. They shoot because they do not know what your purpose in Dubai is, so you must shoot back to make sure you can leave alive.

The story and the morality issues make Spec Ops a gripping game, and although we were able to finish the game in a shade over eight-hours, it was a very entertaining eight-hours. The gunplay is quite easy to master, which is a good thing for novice shooters, but if you are looking for a serious shooting challenge, the game may prove a little easy. The combat tactics needed to complete this game, as well as the authentic weaponry are both very realistic and incredibly impressive. Spec Ops: The Line joins a genre that is filled with some of the best games ever made. Although not a real classic, it’s a winning game definitely worth playing.