Stanford Earth Hour Picnic

  • by onRoute
  • Mar 20, 2013
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For a truly special non-commercial country experience head to the historical town of Stanford, and don’t forget to pack a picnic basket. In the heart of town, at the central village green, all the old stone churches ring out their bells across the valley in the count-down to the great global Earth Hour switch-off at 18h00.When all the lights go off, The Green and all the picnickers are suddenly plunged into magnificent star light, surrounded by breathtaking galaxies and the Milky Way. It’s the perfect way for city dwellers to relish nature’s raw beauty. After 22h30, delicious Jazz starts up in the local restaurants and pubs, which are all within strolling distance from the Green. It’s a safe, sociable environment and a glass of wine with the locals goes down well, as do the award winning cheeses and other delectable local produce. No better way to celebrate Earth Hour than with likeminded people under a magical night sky.