Stargazing in the Cradle of Humankind

Feast under a mantle of stars

Not since dinner and cabaret has a culinary pairing been so charming. This time it’s a marriage of steak and stars. Stars: as in luminous, cosmic bodies. Based at the Maropeng Hotel – itself, a four-star establishment, you can expect a heavenly supper of stars and telescopes. First, you’ll be welcomed with a glass of wine. Then you’ll be ushered into a darkened side room, populated by a projector and Vincent Nettmann, Maropeng’s resident astronomer. You’ll ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as he brings home astounding numbers using everyday comparisons. For example, did you know that Saturn is less dense than water? So, if you could find a glass big enough, it could actually float on water!

Blinking as the lights flick back on, you’re shepherded into the dining room where course after course is served by inconspicuous waiters, their black-soled shoes whispering up and down. Imagine a starter of meze, followed by flambéd beef fillet in red wine and cranberry jus. And, just when you think, “That’s it, not another crumb!” you’ll be swayed into submission by a delicate crème brûlée. Then it’s time to take your coffee outside, while you star gaze using Vincent’s impressive large aperture telescope. The evening flies by, at the speed of light.

The cost? R230-R350, including dinner. can expect a heavenly supper of stars and telescopes! or call 014 577 9100