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What Your Luggage Says About You!

  • by onRoute
  • Dec 4, 2012
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Kim Kadashian sports Designer Trunks

This year Virgin Atlantic conducted research about the luggage we choose to travel with. It revealed that one in five (20%) can't remember the last time they bought new luggage, while more than half (55%) would only upgrade their suitcase if it was worn-out or broken. That said, 25% admit they buy their bags based on what their favourite jet setting celeb has been seen wheeling through the check-out counter, proving that the lifestyles of the rich and famous have quite an influence.

The Designer Trunk

Boasting an upper class lifestyle and oozing confidence, this traveller chooses to make a fashion statement with their bags. From leather to leopard print, the designer trunk is loved by the show-off type. They never leave home ground without their beloved collection of matching Louis Vuitton luggage… not forgetting the shoes and handbag to complete the look.

Your bags speak volumes about your character. Find out if you are a high-flyer like Kim Kardashian or a casual traveller like Justin Bieber.

Designer Trunk Celebrities: Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Karl Lagerfeld, Kelly Osbourne & Lindsay Lohan

The Corporate Case

Stylish and understated, this seasoned traveller is accustomed to breezing in and out of airport terminals and hotel lobbies. They prefer to opt for something practical, low-key and convenient. You usually find them immersed in their laptops, iPad or iPhone. They are time-conscious travellers who are pros at mixing business with pleasure. They’re also focused, determined and meticulous.

Corporate Case Celebrities: Wayne Rooney, Miranda Kerr, Mark Wright, Cheryl Cole & Sharon Osbourne

Colourful Kit

The personality piece is primarily chosen for its attention-grabbing value. If it’s fluorescent, has polka dots, stripes, hello kitty or any type of bling this traveller has to have it! Often noisy and dramatic but lots of fun to travel with. You never know what to expect from this traveller, but you can be guaranteed that packed into their loud luggage is an even louder bikini and a few pairs of stand-out sunglasses.

Colourful Kit Celebrities: Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian

One-Bag Wonder

The Indiana Jones of travellers who manages to pack everything they need into one piece of hand luggage, finding space for things the rest of us forget like adaptor plugs and chargers, with room still for hand sanitizing wipes and moisturizer. Frighteningly practical and fabulously confident, this perfectionist is all about low-drama planning rather than last-minute panics.

One Bag Wonder Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Prince Harry & Daniel Craig           

Multiple Suitcases

Best described as a diva, this traveller refuses to leave home without everything...’just in case’ they may need it. With little regard for excess baggage fees or taking over ALL the boot space, they are unwilling to part with their personal creature comforts. Usually seen dwarfed by a long line of luggage but still always manages to look good.

Multiple Suitcase Celebrities: Snooki, Mariah Carrey & Jessica Alba

The Backpack

Meet the eternally young at heart traveller who enjoys a freewheeling, commitment-free lifestyle.  This explorer and adventurer will make the best of any situation and prefers to travel light. Usually attracted to brands like The North Face, which is well-designed from top-quality material.

The Backpack Celebrities: Justin Bieber & Chris Brown