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This is what winter nights are for

Enjoy a fondue family night

A rather retro way to stave off the winter blues, fondue sets are making a big comeback this season and it’s no surprise why. The Master Class Cast Iron Enamelled Fondue Set makes for a perfect, dippy and delicious dinner that every member of the family will love. Spend a chilly night in with board games and a cheese, chocolate or meat fondue. And just so nobody gets confused over which fork belongs to them, each utensil is colour-coded so there’ll be no squabbles over whose bread dipped first.

Price: R1 199

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Start your chilly mornings the best way

Embrace the chill, and get ready for winter with this must-have seasonal gear.

A good brew will warm you up on those winter mornings so it’s important to have the very best equipment to make the very best coffee! The Dolce Gusto Circolo is your automated best friend for the winter, with an LED screen and fully adjustable taste ‘Play and Select’ feature that’ll quickly brew up your perfect cuppa just the way you like it. Power up with an Americano or indulge in a Chococino to start your day.

Price: R2 249

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Get moving to get warm

Work up a sweat to keep those extra winter kilos at bay and warm up from the inside. The Fitbit Charge HR lets you track your workouts, analyse your progress and monitor your sleep patterns. With automatic heart rate monitoring, the Fitbit Charge HR helps you work out the way you need to and the battery won’t die halfway through the day. With an extended battery life of up to five days, the Fitbit Charge HR will keep going as long as you do.

Price: R2 299

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 Stay connected while you’re staying in 

Leaving your warm house to get things done just isn’t necessary anymore, so stay connected in style with the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. Stretch out on the couch and enjoy the eye-popping 5.6” Quad HD and Super AMOLED display experience. With your notifications moved to the screen’s angled edge, you can focus on what’s in front of you undisturbed. And with its super fast charging battery, you won’t run out of power when you need it most.

Price: R15 999

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Not a monster, but a ladle

With its elongated neck, Nessie is named and modelled after the famous Loch Ness Monster but there’s nothing scary about this ladle. Your friendly and sturdy utensil, Nessie is made for scooping up soups and dishing up dinner with ease. With little feet to keep her stable in pots, Nessie helps you keep the mess to a minimum when you’re serving up those family favourite meals.

Price: R195

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No wires for winter

Serving a dual purpose as ear warmers and an excellent audio source, the Skullcandy Plyr 2 wireless headphones will keep you jamming when its cold outside. Enveloping you with crisp bass and pitch perfect audio, these wireless headphones let you get your groove on while you work. Or if you’re more into gaming, you won’t miss a moment of the action while you get up to grab a coffee.

Price: R1 799

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Snuggle up and snooze

If you’re climbing under the duvet for a snooze, warm up with the Elektra rechargeable water bottle. There’s no need to boil water for this little blanket BFF, as this cordless hot water bottle charges up in just fifteen minutes, and stays warm for up to five hours. A durable and completely safe casing keeps scalding at bay with a soft cover that’s made for cuddling.

Price: R75 – On Sale now for R59

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Keep your veggie intake up with the Nutribullet

Winter may be the season for comfort food and creamy soups but that doesn’t mean you can skip the essentials. Nutribullet makes it easy to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, as it liquefies and extracts the ultimate nutrients from all of them. Pulverising stems and seeds and letting you serve up delicious smoothies, Nutribullet takes the pain out of processing and puts the pleasure back into getting the nutrition you need, every day.

Price: R1 969

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Hit the couch for some quality family viewing

Winter evenings were created for movie nights and getting caught up on your favourite series. Hit the couch and laze about with the whole family while enjoying the latest episodes and fantastic HD content on Airplay with the latest Apple TV. Rent a movie or regale your relatives with stories from the summer holidays as you flick through photographs in Photo Stream.

Price: R999

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Going snowboarding? You'll need these!

And if you’re brave enough to venture out and hit the slopes, you’ll need good goggles to keep that snowy glare to a minimum. The Bolle Nova 2 wraps right around your head, offering an additional 20 percent field of vision and a 180-degree viewing angle. This double-layered lensed goggle includes anti-fog and scratch-resistant technologies to keep your eyes safe in style.

Price: R799

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