Switch to Solar

These are the gadgets to have

Tuff-Luv Solar Power Bank

In South Africa we are fortunate to receive sunshine the whole year round, so we thought it best to feature some of our favourite solar gadgets for the season.

TopRay UV Mosquito Zapper

Enjoying the outdoors at home or away is synonymous with dealing with mosquitoes, which is why the solar-powered UV Mosquito Zapper is something to seriously consider. The UV zapper is fully charged after eight hours, in all weather conditions, and has a high voltage shock to kill the bloodsuckers on the spot! Relaxing outdoors, in the garden or by the pool on hot summer evenings can now be buzz-free, plus, you don’t have to worry about plug points or poisonous repellents. Your mosquito zapper comes with mounting accessories and a built-in battery.

In South Africa we are fortunate to receive sunshine the whole year round, so we thought it best to feature some of our favourite solar gadgets for the season.

Price: R1 458


T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

The T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit is every bit as cool as it sounds. Assembly is fairly simple with easy to connect pieces; no batteries, glue or screws required. The robot has active movements and a safe mechanical gearbox. When assembled as a T-Rex or rhino beetle, the jaws open and legs move, while the drill vehicle option has a turning drill with moving wheels. In its robot form, it has both legs and wheels.

Price: R345


Port Solar Charger 

If you’re a frequent traveller in and out of airports, the on the go Port Solar Charger is compact enough to travel with you. It’s a suction cup that attaches to any window (plane, train, bus, car, etc.) and has a USB port for you to plug a smartphone charging cable in. The charger itself comes with its own charging cable for when there’s no sunlight, so you get the best of both worlds! It features five LED status indicators, so you know how much power is available. Its integrated charger folds neatly into the side of the body when not in use.

Price: R799


Nexus Orion Solar Garden Light

One of the easiest ways to go green is to start off with solar lights along your garden walkway. The Nexus Orion solar lights have an elegant design - somewhat cylindrical with a glass lens, in a steel housing. A mounting spike keeps it in place in the sand, while the top end features the solar panel. It has day and night sensors. With one white LED and one colour changing – you can choose the mood you wish to create.

Price: R119


Tuff-Luv Solar Power Bank

For the power user going camping or on a beach holiday, the Tuff-Luv Solar Power Bank is your new best friend. Its sleek design is functional, with solar panels covering the front, and LED indicators located at the back. The power bank holds a whopping 10 000 mAh, capable of charging an iPhone about five times! The power bank itself can fully charge in 19 to 20 hours in sunlight or seven to eight hours using a USB cable. It has two USB outputs to charge two devices at a time. Now that’s what you call multitasking!

Price: R799


Lotus Leaf Fountain

Thinking about building a Zen garden in your backyard? The Lotus Leaf fountain is a solar-powered decorative feature perfect for your garden, backyard or terrace. It doesn’t require any cables, and the self-sustainable fountain has a seven-volt solar panel that works on its own, without requiring you to switch it on or off. The fountain has four nozzles so you can choose both the height and pattern of the water jet that suits your space and surroundings. It’s lightweight with a lifespan of 10 000 hours. That’s plenty of maintenance-free hours for a Zen garden.

Price: R1 296


Organic Soul Oval Lantern

If you’re invested in building that Zen garden, Organic Soul has the perfect addition for your backyard – a solar-powered rattan lantern. It has an authentic exterior design, complete with swing handle for both indoors and outdoors. It can be hung up onto tree branches or sit on any surface. A solar panel sits at the top, which takes eight to ten hours to charge, to provide six to eight hours of use. Available in white or natural.

Price: R149


Roma Portable Power Station

This fully assembled portable solar power station is ideal if you love the outdoors, 4x4ing, and camping. The main power box battery pack is made with durable anti-corrosive components, so it’s suitable for most weather conditions. It features a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, two USB outputs, and one auxiliary input. It charges with the accompanying foldable solar panel. If you’re a small family, it’s great for charging either walkie-talkies, smartphones, e-books, tablets, iPads and small gadgets.

Price: R5 100


Casio Standard Solar

Casio has a range of solar-powered watches if you’re into the whole retro vibe. It has a bunch of nifty features like five daily alarms, 100-metre water resistance, lap memory, interval timer, LED light and world time, to name a few. The best being you never have to buy new batteries! This lightweight timepiece is available in a grey strap with a white and pink face. A full range of all types is available online.

Price: R1 499