Take Flight in a Microlight

Cutting through the air like an eagle

This incredibly liberating flight experience gives you unimaginable freedom in an open-air cockpit, with nothing between you and the most glorious views.

If you are have always dreamed of cutting through the air like an eagle, with the wind in your hair and the land far beneath your feet, then a microlight flight experience will certainly not disappoint. Today’s microlight aircraft are hi-tech, well-engineered and beautifully built machines, making them safer, easier to fly and more comfortable than ever before!
For the adventure seeker, there is no better way to take to the skies and experience the beauty of open cockpit flying. The microlight aircraft is small enough to be transported by car, but big enough to carry two people - you and the pilot. With a maximum fuel capacity of 50 litres and a total weight of 450 kilograms (including fuel and passengers), a microlight aircraft can reach 1 500 feet and swoop down low with ease to view the landscape up close. Comfortable clothing is a must, as are closed shoes, warm clothing in winter and even a beanie (it can get really cold up there).

The development of the microlight happened during the 1970s and 80s when many people sought an affordable way of flying. Aviation authorities set up definitions of lightweight, low-speed aircrafts that could be subject to minimum regulation and the microlight was born. In the early years of microlight development, safety records were dismal due to the fragile nature of the aircraft, but as the design was improved, pilot error proved to be the cause behind most microlight accidents. As a result, many countries require a microlight license or certificate, which is endorsed by pilot’s organizations.

“Today’s microlight aircraft are hi-tech, well engineered and beautifully built machines, making them safer, easier to fly and more comfortable than ever before!”

Although in its relative infancy, microlighting (or ultralighting as it is more commonly known around the world) already has its legends. A number of experienced pilots fly to far-off destinations, stopping for fuel along the way and sleeping in exotic places overnight. For keen photographers, South African microlighting has no equal! With nothing between you and the ground, your views are spectacular and the lens-vision is completely unimpaired.
Microlighting attracts a diverse mix of people, from experienced pilots to those individuals who have never flown before. Sky Riders offers the opportunity to join in on this rapidly expanding sport with an affordable price tag.

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