Test Your Knowledge

TRAC Trivia

1.      Which luxury train operates between Pretoria and Cape Town?

2.       In which city is uShaka Marine World?

3.       Which village in Mpumalanga is known for its trout and fly-fishing?

How many questions can you answer correctly?

4.       Hermanus is famous for watching which mammals?

5.       Which town in Mpumalanga is a living museum?

6.       Which waterfall is situated in both Zimbabwe and Zambia?

7.       Name South Africa’s highest mountain range

8.       Name the longest river in Africa and the World

9.       Which South African City is known as the friendly city?

10.   What small town is well known for its art festivals and ostriches?


1.       The Blue Train

2.       Durban

3.       Dullstroom

4.       Whales

5.       Pilgrim’s Rest

6.       Victoria Falls

7.       Drakensburg

8.       Nile

9.       Port Elizabeth

10.    Oudtshoorn