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Addictive Ipad Games

Candy Crush Saga

By far the most addictive game we have found in the app stores of late. The premise of this game is simple – slide different candies around into various combinations to complete a series of beautifully constructed levels.

Head Soccer

Top 3 Ipad Games to Download

Soccer with bobble-head figurines! It sounds so quirky, and really it is, but like most games for iPads and iPhones, it consumes time when you have time. It is a one-on -one game of soccer where your head is your biggest weapon.

Stick Cricket

Like 20/20 cricket, Stick Cricket is all about sixes and fours. You do not have to bowl, merely bat, and you must chase down a target in an IPL-styled game. It is fun and simple to play with the added benefit of being free.