The Battlefields Route

The Battle of Blood River

The hills and plains are quiet, with silent cemeteries and lonely monuments the only things left to remind us of the turbulent battles once fought. But, place yourself in the hands of a skilful guide and you will thrill in the imagined sounds of battle and relive the desperate and courageous acts of gallant men fighting for what they believed was right.

The Battlefields Route is the largest concentration of significant war-related sites in South Africa and boasts 82 battlefields, museums, old fortifications and places of remembrance. It is advised to choose an era, battle or war of interest and then select the sites you want to visit. For maximum enjoyment, the service of a specialist guide is essential. Within the same area are also some of the best game parks and conservancies in the country. There is plenty of accommodation wherever one travels in the Battlefields Region, from typical Zulu uMuzis, backpacker lodges, to comfy country lodges and B&Bs, many of which offer special weekend packages for large groups.

Thrill in the Imagined Sounds of Battle