The Chrysler 300C

A Pimpin’ Ride

When this pimpin’ ride hit the South African market way back in 2005, “homies of the South” were digging the gangsta vibes — but not all the homies! In fact, many felt that the 300C was a bit too “out there” —perhaps because it starred in many a music video with some super rappers?!

Now in 2013,the brand new 300C not only looks fantastic — retaining a cool bit of gangsta style with a ‘kicking’ aluminium grill and huge 20 inch rims — but it has also been greeted with great enthusiasm.

The interior is huge with phenomenal leg room and the Italian influence is evident in the soft leather seats, classy stitching and wooden inserts. The seats are comfortable and have a heated or vented option, and the front centre cup holders even have cooling to keep your gin ‘n juice chilled.

“ has every conceivable luxury you would expect from a great cruiser.”

The vehicle comes fitted with the U-Connect system linked to a great sound system to listen to your bumpin’ rhymes. It has a large touch screen that is connected to a reverse camera, a Garmin GPS, blue tooth for  your cell phone, a compact disc player, a memory card reader, a USB and auxiliary port… just to mention a few of the features.

The 300C is fitted with every conceivable extra, from auto light, auto high beams, double sunroof with retractable hood lining, keyless system, rear blind and PDC…too much for a rapper to list in a single session.

The trunk (or boot) space is large enough to stash loads of goodies like golf clubs, groceries and even bodies! You’ll easily get three unlucky souls in there and maybe even four large pieces of luggage if you’re more into family holidays than assassinations.

Another important factor is how well the 300C fares as a getaway vehicle. Well you have three options, the 6.4L V8 SRT8, 3.6L V6 as well a 3.0L V6 CRD. We tested the 3.6L V6 as it seemed to be a great compromise between performance and fuel consumption. The 3.6L Pentastar® V6 with eight-speed automatic, delivers 210 kilowatts of power and 340 Newton metres of torque and pulls beautifully delivering a very smooth ride. Even after driving with a concrete foot, it delivered an overall consumption of around 12 litres per 100 kilometres.

For a large vehicle, the 300C handled very well and won’t let you down when trying to outrun those pesky cops.

I could only find fault with two things: I still don’t like the foot operated park brake; and you can’t close the windows from the key remote — but more than that it has every conceivable luxury you would expect from a great cruiser.

So, for a tad under 500 000 clips the 300C offers a lot of bang for your buck. I compared this to the German competitors and the best you can do is around a two litre with a few extras. So if you are not going to blindly follow the crowd and you don’t mind standing out a bit, the 300C is a great alternative and worthy of being parked outside the coolest of cribs.