The Opel Mokka X

A new Compact Utility Vehicle

There is no doubting that Opel is making some of the best affordable cars on the market at the moment. With the all new Astra winning the South African Car of the Year for 2017, among its many international accolades, the new Mokka X is filling a gap between hatchback and SUV – a segment we like to call CUV – the Compact Utility Vehicle.

SUVs are incredibly popular at the moment, especially in South Africa, because they offer more space and safety than a standard family sedan. The higher ride height gives better visibility and with the state of some of our roads, having a car with a big ground clearance helps in the negotiation of potholes. But SUVs are expensive, most of them drink petrol quicker than you can put it in and most of us don’t actually need a car that big.

This is where the CUV comes in and this is why the Opel Mokka X is such a great car to buy for the family guy. The Mokka X looks like a Corsa that had a huge lunch. There is obvious hatchback pedigree in its design, but it looks and feels much bigger. The increased size is very noticeable when you sit behind the wheel or if you have to squeeze your luggage and a pram into the boot (something we experienced first-hand), but the compact nature of the Mokka X is evident when you have to park this CUV in one of those compact mall bays.

“The Mokka X is a nimble city runaround that has a good engine which delivers ample power and great economy.”

The Mokka X is a nimble city runaround that has a good engine which delivers ample power and great economy. It isn’t a car which is built for racing, but at the same time it offers just enough zip to get the blood pumping. The 1.4 litre Turbo engine gives you 103 kW of power and 200 N m of torque, and with the six-speed manual gearbox, most drivers will have a lot of fun behind the wheel. The Key standard features of the new Mokka X take up an entire web page, but the ones we enjoyed the most were the cruise control system with speed limiter, speed sensitive power steering and the IntelliLink system with Bluetooth®, USB and auxiliary ports. The speed sensitive power steering meant that at every speed, you get the best response.

The world is evolving and so are our cars. The Mokka X and other CUVs represent a step in the right direction for families looking for more than just an automotive experience. The Mokka X represents the perfect example of how compromise can be a good thing. Just big enough to count and just small enough to manage. Starting from R317 000 and with so many special offers, it’s certainly worth looking into.