The Whale Trail


This five-day whale hiking trail rates as one of the top 10 hiking trails in South Africa, so be advised to book way in advance! The trail spans over 55 kilometres from Potberg to Koppie Alleen with five overnight stops, and combines both mountain and coastal walking. Because this portion of the coast is strongly associated with the Southern Right Whale, other than the incredible scenery, there are plenty of opportunities for sighting these peaceful giants. Sometimes more than 50 whales (with their calves) can be spotted at a time!

You don’t need to have conquered Kilimanjaro to manage the Whale Trail but the hike is designed for those with a moderate degree of fitness and some days can be quite intense. But, you’ll find it well worth the effort and sooner wipe your brow and lap up the incredible views, than complain about your tired legs. Overnights are spent in a series of comfortable cottages.