Top 5 Surf Spots

We help you find the perfect waves

1. Jeffreys Bay

Where: Eastern Cape

With almost 3 000 kilometres of coastline, South Africa is a surfer’s paradise, offering some of the best waves in the world. onRoute rates the top five in the country...

Known as: JBay

Famous for: Being the surfing mecca of South Africa where the Annual Billabong Pro Surf event is held.

The Waves: This is the home of epic supertubes - one of the fastest, most perfectly formed and consistent waves in the world! Also known for its legendary right-hand break. Waves are best during winter months (June – August).

Skill Level: Don't try it unless you can hold your own on a wave - you need skills to surf here!

The Crowd: Hot shot surfers from all over the world flock to Jeffreys Bay..

2. Durban

Where: KwaZulu-Natal

Known as: Bay of Plenty

Famous for: World Qualifying Series events: the long-standing Mr Price Pro (formerly the Gunston 500) and the Quiksilver Pro. This is South Africa's surfing capital with a great year round climate, beautiful beaches and warm Indian Ocean waters which makes for long comfortable surfing.

The Waves: Good wind conditions with regular swells that generally get bigger the further north you travel.

The Crowd: Lots of surfers who have no need to worry about sharks since Durban has not had a single attack since shark nets were put in place in 1962.

3. Dungeons

Where: Cape Town.

Known as: One of the world’s most epic big wave spots.

Famous for: Red Bull Big Wave Africa Surfing competition, which is also the second-longest running big- wave surfing event, after the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau event at Waimea Bay in Hawaii.

The Waves: Produces the biggest rideable waves on the coast of Africa! When conditions are right, seven storey (21 m) snarling beasts are known to swallow and spit out the very best big wave pros. Known for its winter storm surf, this roaring right-hander is a spot seldom ridden by paddle-surfers, but tow-surfers (when surfers are towed into large waves by a jet ski). The 15-30 foot swell that breaks over a shallow reef on the sea-side of Hout Bay is accessible by water craft only!

Skill Level: This is definitely not for amateur surfers and reserved only for the most experienced surfers who have the courage to match their skill.

The Crowd: Brave surfers who wish to challenge themselves.

4. Coffee Bay

Where: Wild Coast

Known as: Shark Country

Famous for: One of South Africa's most remote stretches of shoreline and home to some of the most secluded surfing spots. The beaches are rustic and surrounded by rolling green hills and milkwood trees, indigenous to the region.

The Waves: Razor sharp reefs, powerful swells and five star, classic point break surf - rated one of the best in SA. At its best, when the banks are on you can expect a wave running for almost one kilometre!

Skill Level: Intermediate. It’s an ideal place to learn to surfand is best surfed during winter months.

The Crowd: Popular among travelling surfers with lots of campsites and backpacking places nearby.

5. Victoria Bay

Where: Garden Route

Known as: Vic Bay

Famous for: Despite its small size, Vic Bay is a well-known host for many District and National surf competitions.

The Waves: Consistent world class wave quality with a right-hand reef-like wave which rolls over small boulder-like rocks for about 200 m. The water teems with life, and whales and dolphins are often there to join the fun.

Skill Level: All surfers welcome!

The Crowd: Packed with local holiday makers in summer months.