Tswaing Crater

A Meteorite Impact Crater

Tswaing Crater, stretching 1km wide

Just 20 kilometres east of the N1 is a remarkable site well worth visiting. Until fairly recently scientists weren’t entirely sure about the origins of the Tswaing Crater – which is more than a kilometre wide and 200 metres deep.

The meteorite that slammed into the earth at Tswaing relatively recently (some 200 000 years ago) is estimated to have been about half a football field in size and to have released energy equivalent to more than a hundred atomic bombs.

The Tswaing Crater site boasts one of only four meteorite crater museums in the world. Visitors are encouraged to take the 7.2 kilometre Tswaing Crater Trail, one of three trails that lead to and from the crater rim.

North of Onderstepoort N1

Credit: The N4 Book – The Road to Maputo & The N3 Book