Use the Whatisit? mobile app as you ‘personal tour guide’ in Mpumalanga and at Sudwala Dino Park

Discovery & Exploration in Mpumalanga

  • by onRoute
  • Aug 6, 2018
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Whatisit? enables users to receive information about tourist attractions, restaurants, lodges, gift shops, activities and related services. Information displayed includes a description, photograph, map, contact details and audio file with voice narration or advertisements.

Currently, the information available is for visitors to Mpumalanga, with additional information and destinations being loaded regularly. The app is being used by the established tourism attraction at Sudwala, providing information to visitors about the various animal models on display at the pre-historic life museum. Included is information about the area generally, local folklore, interesting geological features, local rivers, history and accommodation and restaurant options.

Users can enable an ‘audio guide’ so you can play a GPS-activated description of the relevant tourist attraction being approached or passed.

Download Whatisit? free from the App Store for iPhone/iPad and the Google Play store for Android devices.