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Game reviews

FIFA 15 (PS3)

Score: 90%

Every so often, there is a version of FIFA that changes the game a little and this gets all the FIFA fans up in arms. FIFA 15 is out and the internet is abuzz with complaints about glitches in the game that make it “unplayable”. At face value it does seem like there are things seriously wrong with FIFA 15, but underneath it all, this is still a magical game that hasn’t lost a stitch of its appeal or playability. The unfortunate thing about FIFA (for us South Africans) is that you can’t fully appreciate the game’s worth unless you take your play online. With unreliable, expensive and intermittent internet service, online gaming is only slowly catching on in ordinary households around the country, but not quick enough! If you don’t have access to EA’s online services, your default squads will be missing a few key signings and you also won’t be privy to updates that often correct the small glitches that can cause the game to turn your hair grey. However, the overall offering from FIFA 15 is as good as it has ever been and EA’s quest for the most realistic soccer game is nudging ever closer to reality. It does seem as though your PS3 will not deliver on all of FIFA’s best qualities, but it’s still worth buying and definitely worth playing.

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel

Check out the score we gave for FIFA 15 and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel

Score: 81%

First person shooters are a dime a dozen and most; if not all of them; share the same controls, the same problems and the same inevitable mundanities with regards to game play. What sets all these games apart is their story. If it’s gripping, it will be a great game, regardless of what seems like the same thing packaged differently. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a mesmerizing game set in outer space. Although one would expect the game that followed Borderlands 2 to be rather dull in comparison, The Pre-Sequel is actually a great story on its own. We didn’t find the dialogue in this version as humorous as it was in Borderlands 2, but there were enough interesting characters in the game to keep us wrapped. In The Pre-Sequel, you have your choice of four different characters, all with their own quirks, powers and skills. Your choice of weapons is as good as any first person shooter we have ever played and allows you to choose the best weapon for your mood. The variety of weapons is great when you play with your friends, as it allows each of you to choose a different weapon to make sure your team is impactful on every front possible. We loved the co-op format, it gives you a chance to team up with your mates and complete the game together. The game develops nicely, although there are side missions that require you to finish some seriously arduous tasks that test your patience. Even with the one or two minor glitches in game play, Borderlands is a game you will enjoy playing. The environments are magical, the fighting and game play is entertaining and the chance to team up with mates is irresistible.

App Corner


The thing with a good app is it needs to be simple, addictive and challenging all at the same time. TwoDots is the latest game to make its mark on the mobile gaming scene. The aim of the game is to connect dots of the same colour to get to the next level. As the game advances, the levels develop, making TwoDots highly addictive.

TMNT: Rooftop Run

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is all the rage at the moment as they make a return to the big screen. Capitalising on the global craze, a few developers have produced games using the famous turtles as characters. Rooftop Run is a simple and fun game where you choose a turtle and complete various levels, beating a multitude of enemies and tasks to eventually complete the missions at hand. It can provide hours of fun, but can also leave you a bit out of pocket.