Why You Should Stay in SA

Our Rainbow Nation


Our country is a joke! And if laughing is the best medicine, we South Africans certainly know how! It’s in our nature to make light of a bad situation. In fact, local comedians are having a field day encouraging laughter at just about everything from load shedding to Zuma.


The devaluation of the rand, a corrupt government, bad leadership, crime and poverty are just a handful of the harsh realities hanging like a cloud over us lately. With South Africa’s morale at an all-time low, it’s no wonder so many people are considering packing up for greener pastures.

Where else in the World can you go from the quiet desolation of the Kalahari to the outstretched plains of Namaqualand daisies, the serenity of the winelands, bushveld alive with wild free-roaming animals, incredible mountain vistas, long stretches of white sand beaches, quaint village towns and thriving metropolitan cities? Go anywhere in South Africa and experience the ultimate combination of nature, wildlife, culture, adventure, heritage and vibe - we really do have it all!


There’s nothing like sunshine to keep you smiling, and boy, have we got it! In comparison to many other countries of the world, our summers are almost flawless. Living in SA, you are guaranteed to have stunning beautiful summer days for months on end.


You may not think so, but our constitution is regarded as the most progressive constitution in the world. Even after the death of Nelson Mandela, the constitution he championed continues to hold tremendous promise and remains the most admirable and progressive. One that also recognises gay marriage and all 11 official languages! Now you won’t find that anywhere else!


South Africans have made their mark on the world in so many positive ways. We have proudly produced four Nobel Peace Prize laureates! SA-born individuals have made and continue to make a big impact on the world, including Nelson Mandela, Jan Smuts, Elon Musk, Gary Player, Trevor Noah, Sol Kerzner, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Phillip Tobias, JRR Tolkien, Neill Blomkamp and so many more! On top of this, South Africans are highly regarded for their work ethic and entrepreneurialism wherever they find themselves in the world.


There are few things South Africans love as much as a braai. There's just something about grilling meat outdoors that appeals to everyone, regardless of their economic status, race or cultural background. Chucking some meat on a braai and cracking open a beer is common practise throughout the year, no matter the season, or time of day or night. It’s part of our heritage, part of who we are. What would life be like without boerewors and biltong?! And, ofcourse, the all-round cheer and social ambiance that a braai induces.