Lauren's trip to Aquila Private Game Reserve

At onRoute, we love to make people happy and we love it even more when you write to us and tell us your stories and your travel experiences.

Recently, one of our readers won an onRoute competition and was very excited about her weekend getaway at Aquila Private Game Reserve. Lauren and her boyfriend are great animal lovers and let us tell you, Aquila did not disappoint them. Here is what she had to say about their experience:

Dear onRoute,

Our experience at Aquila Game Reserve was HONESTLY AMAZING. From the helpful and welcoming staff members to the beautiful animals, everything was fantastic. We really enjoyed every aspect of the buffets, decor, and people and of course the animals. We were fortunate enough to not only see the magnificent BIG 5 but also to see many more animals.

 Many of these animals were a first for us, so it was SUPER EXCITING. The day was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a more rewarding and fulfilling experience, especially for animal lovers like ourselves. We highly recommend the Aquila Private Game Reserve to everybody. It is something you really have to do and experience to fully understand how incredible it really is!

A HUGE THANK you to OnRoute magazine, Aquila and to everybody involved who helped to make this experience happen for us.

In addition I would just like to say THANK YOU to our very informative, knowledgeable and excellent guide Anwar.  He did an EXCELLENT job and exceeded all of our expectations.

We would like to thank Aquila Private Game Reserve for being a part of this dream-come-true experience and Lauren and all our readers for their continuous support.