Wondergat Cave Diving

An unforgettable fresh-water diving experience in the North West

Wondergat cave diving

This natural dolomite sinkhole is the deepest of its kind in the South African interior! It’s also an outstanding cave diving spot for experienced divers to reach depths of up to 70 metres. Wondergat, or Mystery Hole as it’s known, is one of South Africa’s most popular inland dive sites, but also one of its most dangerous.

Thousands of years ago, it was a water-filled cavern until the roof caved in and left a magnificent hole filled with water. Walking down the 35 irregular steps fully kitted up is no joke, so being fit is a great advantage! Torches are recommended, as the bottom can be very dark. Keep a lookout for the Banded Tilapia, which is endemic to Wondergat and won’t be found at any other fresh water hole in the world. Other fishes to look out for are the Sharptooth Catfish, Southern Mouthbrooder as well as freshwater shrimps and crabs. Advanced divers say that you haven’t dived until you’ve dived at Wondergat!


An unforgettable fresh-water diving experience!