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Stars of Sandstone Event

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  • Feb 12, 2014
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The 9-day event happening in the Eastern Free State from the 12 – 21 April will see twenty-three Sandstone locomotives will be steamed during the event and a team from the Armour Museum will run regular Military convoys and do demonstrations for visitors covering a wide range of vehicles including a Mk IV Sherman tank dating back to the Second World War, as well as a line-up of South Africa’s most significant armoured fighting vehicles specially developed for combat use in various theatres.

There is also considerable interest being displayed in Sandstone’s modern farming operations which are extensive.  The company grows sunflowers, soya beans, maize and wheat on a rotational basis.  The show should coincide with either sunflower or soya bean harvesting or both and visitors will be able to familiarise themselves at close quarters with these operations under the guidance of a professional who will explain some of the intricacies of a modern grain producing agricultural enterprise.

Because of the outstanding photographic opportunities that will be available throughout the event Sandstone has asked David Benn, one of South Africa’s leading photographers who has specialised over the years in railway related topics to act as coordinator.  Numerous special trains will be operated at first light and in the evenings for photographers to optimise the outstanding clear light that is internationally recognised as providing some of the best photographic conditions in the world.

This event attracts Heritage machinery enthusiasts from around the world...

Interested parties wishing to receive a copy of the programme for this exciting event should contact Joanne West at