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F1 2012

Game Guru Rating: 90%

This is a game for those with a real racing brain and petrol flowing through their veins.


The App Corner

Top 3 iPad Games

London 2012 Although the games are over, for addiction value, the London Olympics 2012 App is brilliant! Enjoy nine events and infinite hours of play. 3D Mini Golf Play putt-putt

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Dirt Showdown

Game Guru Rating: 84%

This slick racing game takes the best tricks of rally driving and mixes them with the chaos and destruction of demolition driving.

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Spec Ops: The Line

Game Guru Rating: 76%

The story and the morality issues make Spec Ops a gripping game, and although we were able to finish the game in a shade over eight-hours, it was a very entertaining eight-hours.

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Silent Hill Downpour and HD Collection

Game Guru Rating: 85%

Downpour, the latest in the series, meets all terrifying expectations!


Max Payne 3

Game Guru Rating: 90%

The gun play in Max Payne is realistic and will have you ducking and diving on the comfort of your living room floor.